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Structural Wallpapers

What is structural wallpaper?

Structural wallpaper is a unique combination of modern technology, art and creativity. We create unique projects in which classic digital printing evolves, gaining a completely new dimension. The wallpapers are made as part of a pioneering, patented structure-forming technology, thanks to which we are able to plan all convex and concave graphic elements already at the design stage. This solution allows us to create unconventional and original works, devoid of mechanical repetition of patterns and embossing. Our wallpapers will fit perfectly into various interiors, giving them an original character and a designer flair, which cannot be ignored. All wallpapers created in our company are fully ecological and safe for health, and their production is carried out in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. firmie są w pełni ekologiczne i bezpieczne dla zdrowia, a ich produkcja odbywa się w sposób zrównoważony i przyjazny dla środowiska.

How it works?

Process of creating a structural wallpaper consists of three stages.

First of all - proper preparation of files. After receiving your suggestions regarding the design, our graphic designers start working on a special digital matrix on which all the elements of the wallpaper are set together.

The second stage is the choice of the substrate. The substrates on which we print our wallpapers are made of an ecological polymer mixture, which is completely safe and does not contain any harmful ingredients. In our offer you will find various types of foundations - from the recently popular matte, to gold, silver or with a pearl finish. Our assortment also includes more non-standard solutions, such as the media plus substrate (for supporters of deeper embossing), or the unique chameleon foundation, which, thanks to the interference effect, changes the shade from red to green, depending on the viewing angle. It is worth choosing the substrate for the type and application of a given project, therefore, during consultations, we thoroughly analyze each implementation and look for the most optimal solutions.

The third and final step is printing.



We already have a defined concept, properly prepared files and a selected substrate, so we can go to printing. Our structure-forming printer is compact and consists of two modules - heating and printing. It is in the process of heating the foundation gains its characteristic texture. At this stage, the substrate is covered with fully safe latex inks, which are responsible for the colors. Some of the elements, planned as convex, are covered by the printer with colorless structural ink. Then the material is heated, as a result of which the spaces that have not been covered with a colorless latex coating begin to grow and form freely designed structures. When working on our products, we place particular emphasis on a sustainable production system and full material safety. 

The substrate on which we print our wallpapers has the eco-INSTITUT-Label certificate, which confirms its low ecological footprint and no harmful impact on the environment. Our wallpapers are recyclable and odorless, thanks to which they remain free from the phenomenon of migration and are not subject to the process of volatilization of chemical components and then their deposition on neighboring objects. Wallpapers from our company are made without the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has a high migration potential, and its long-term negative impact on health and the environment remains undeniable. In the work on structural wallpapers, we use only the highest quality ecological latex inks, which technologically significantly exceed other inks available on the market, commonly used in digital printing. All this allows us to create a maximally individual wallpaper of premium quality that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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Our company started its activity 15 years ago. During this time, we have been developing intensively, constantly looking for innovative technological solutions and setting modern directions of development. Today, we provide services throughout the country and Europe, and our team of experienced specialists constantly watches over the quality of products and services provided.

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